Bitten hard by the sailplane/self propelled world
what is the best method of locating quality used sailplanes, seem to have all top websites bookmarked. found many sites 4 rc type. my body is far to large to fit into. Love the DG line, i live in the ...
2002 World Class Soaring Contest Matamata New Zealand
I am looking for a contact person who could answer some questions regarding the World class soaring contest to be held in February in Matamata New Zealand. Bill Snead Georgetown Texas USA
by BangmanX
Re: DG 101G or ASW 19B
DG101 - World Club Class Champion -2001 ASW-19B - World Standard Class Champion -1978 Fly both, see which you like, best package for money.Forget DG300! Too much money for too little improvement in ...
by Freebird335
Re: What glider if not a Speed Astir?
The ASW-19 would do as well as the Pegase, not quite as good a performance, but should be cheaper. The ASW-19 was the machine of choice for the U.K. team in the Junior Sport Class World Gliding ...
by Mathiasll
Re: SparrowHawk Sailplane
hi, do you have any info or know where i can get it on new and used sparrowhawk gliders? do you know if any have been sold in this part of the world (Aus or NZ)?
by stan
Re: Standard Cirrus
'Real World' Performance differences between the Libelle 201 and the Cirrus? Can't be more than 2 points? :unsure: Tnx Pieter
by Libelle Flyer
Re: Question about ultralight gliders
Another ultralight glider, with World record claims pending, is the SparrowHawk, built in Bend, OR, USA. See
by Grogs
Re: Any Bede BD-5S sailplanes still flying around today?Any avai...
You should come join our BD-5 mailing list, Tom. There is a form to subscribe on the home page of We have something like 600 people on it from all over the world.
by FlyBD5
Re: Eta flights this summer?
I was in Germany last week and saw the Eta in the DLR hangar at Braunschweig. It is indeed being regularly flown, by Hans-Werner Große. It is an amazing looking sailplane, beautifully designed, ...
by Keit.Smiss
What do you call this Polish made mid-wing two seater aerobatic glider?
This sailplane was first displayed in Netherlands in 1993 where Jerzy Makula flew it winning the World Championship.
by Marra M
Re: Blanik L33 Solo
... Eastern European tin. OK, aluminum, but having had to deal with sheet steel and aluminum from third world countries for many years, I can say that the materials from those countries is highly ...
by David S
Re: Trends in Sailplane design
... r.a.s. yet: From the OZ report ' Gary Osoba set two new world records today in Big Spring , Texas , flying the SparrowHawk over a 500 kilometer (300 mile) ...
by Grumpster
Re: Fauvel flying wings
... the Fauvels were not very successful. More than one hundred AV-36 or AV-361 have flown all over the world, it is probably much more than all the Marske flying wings !!! The airfoil they used was not ...
by Linda2
Re: Standard Austria - Can I?
Great to see a bunch of Austria drivers comparing notes! I would love to keep in touch, if anyone has a suggestion how to do that. Just for fun, here is a photo of the Scarlet Lady with her new ...
by Scarlet Lady
Re: JJ on Trailer Condensation
JJ, remember, not everything your mom told you is true. It might keep us from knowing what we need to know... Mom meant to say ' the moisture from the warm air condenses on the cold glass'. Why is ...
by ArleneBird
Re: First motored flight was NOT done by Wrights
... n Dec. 17, 1903 may only have been 120ft (about 37m) in 12 seconds, but Wilbur upped the unofficial world distance and endurance records to 852ft (173m) in 59 ...
by David S
Re: Using Motor Gliders for Training
I took my first few (very few) flights in a G-109 and found the experience very useful. These motorgliders seem like such a great idea, you have mentioned some of the advantages...there are others. ...
by irenetrevi
The Sailplane and Glider (cross-posted to RAS)
If you have pre-1945 copies of this magazine that you might be prepared to sell, swap or donate, then please read on… The Sailplane and Glider, a forerunner of today's S&G, was published from 1930 ...
by Keit.Smiss
Re: SSA Member Questions/SSA Leadership Answers
JJ Here's an excerpt from a response I gave to another member directly by email that sounds like it is germaine to your question DJ '3) It is my understanding that our representative to the IGC is ...
by breezhot
2-33 Religion
There I was, driving to the gliderport this past weekend when I had a mild epiphany involving 'the venerable 2-33.' (For Brits, an equivalent expression might be 'the immortal Spitfire.' In the U.S., ...
by Number138
Re: Gliding in Texas - seeking info
Here is your invitation to soar Marfa, out in the Big Bend of west Texas, on the plateau near the Davis Mountains. Site of several legendary US National Contests in the 1960's - 70's and the 1970 ...
by headhouse
Re: Lengthy glider accident analysis report released
I cannot believe you would stoop as low as this to prove some misguided thought on flying wings. You show me a flying wing with an aspect ratio of 38+ and tell me it wont be subject to tip stalls. I ...
by trading
Re: A Marske Two Place Trainer
Building the prototype is the last phase only in failed programs. I'd suggest a slightly different project sequence: 1. Do the basic design layout, including aircraft performance and cost estimates ...
by kkrish
Trailer Avalibility
... anks, Jon P.S. Years ago, I used to live in Renton and flew out of Crest. How funny. It is a small ...
by Diamant18Driver
Re: Withdrawal of aviation insurance
I presume you are in USA, but the same happened at first in UK but is now restored at least in part. I got a letter today telling me insurance is altered to exclude war etc. and malicious damage. I ...
by tiderider
Re: Soaring web site retiring
I have gotten a few responses by e-mail so far. I'll try to get back to everyone today. At the risk of offending some, are there any places that you *don't* want the the data to go? (You can e-mail ...
by bhewton
Re: Wot a day - Deeside (Aboyne)
And that all in that island which is famous for it's world's worst weather ;) Really impressive considering that...
by morg_dog
Re: Sparrowhawk visit
My recent World Record in the prototype Sparrowhawk originated in Kansas , but not Yoder. I was west of there.
by scottb
Re: Where has cheap fun gone?
Come fly in South Africa We have annual membership ranging from R200 at my 'cheap fun' club (about 12 pounds or US $20) up to R1150 (about 70 Pounds and $100) Hangarage ranges from 100 to 200 pounds ...
by David S
Re: New to Soaring and Gliders
Carl, Welcome to the world of soaring. WARNING: Prepare for one heck of an addiction! Some URL's for soaring stuff: (One heck of a toy store) ...
by DSOseeker
Hello You can come and fly on a nimbus 4DM in the French alp montain.If you are intersted please read this message and contact me.If you know some people interested by this please send then this ...
by 11jason11
Re: Florida Pilots Legislative ALERT
... stop some crazy idiot named abu ben something or other, from learning how to fly big jets into the world trade center. Oops to late, they did that already. And ...
by AdipexAdipex
Re: New ridge site (US)????
The 'airport' in Escape from NY was the top of the World Trade Center (Hollywood created north of Los Angeles).
by Squirrel-Honest
US Soaring Team in South Africa - Day Report 17
US Soaring Team in South Africa - Day Report 17 The day dawned a bit chilly by South African standards (Ed: There is little sympathy from the frozen North). Early reports from on course have ...
by lilroff9000
Re: Today in History
It's just unbelievable, and up here in Norway, the quiet corner of the world, I slept terrible last night after watching the news. Rest assured, we all pray for you. Birger
by Mathiasll
Re: For contest watching
And hardly possible in real-time The animation was used in the Video 'Champion Of The Wave' which is all about Ray Lynskey winning his World Champion title in 1995. Two pictures out of it:
by headhouse
Electric Flight
Further to the post a little while ago about electric flight. I think what the world is waiting for is the hybrid. Imagine a hydrogen fuel cell powering a generator that charges accumulators
by Yossarian
Re: Franciszek Kepka (jr.) - He passed away.
Having competed against him in World Championships between 1968 and 1997 (without his success), I always remember him as a gentle, smiling person. God bless him. Birger On Mon, 17 Dec 2001 07:44:30 ...
by Freebird335
Spin training & unusual attitudes recovery
Hello, I am teaching Spins and glider aerobatics (basic, advanced and unlimited) at the Seminole Lake Gliderport, Florida. I've been World Champion with team Italy in 2012.Should you need to practice ...
by sashamarvin
European Travel Destinations
European Travel Destinations Whether you're traveling via a sight seeing tour, plane or train, there is a lot to see regardless if you are a well-seasoned tourist or not. As an experienced ...
by mlcintineo1968

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