L-33 wing drop
I am experiencing a wing drop on our l-33. It seems to happen as I'm approaching TO speed, just as I nose over to get the tail off the ground. It's happened twice and pretty abruptly. Anyone else ...
by shumaker
Best wing dollies i was made this design for a wing dollies ...
best wing dollies i was made this design for a wing dollies texalium,carbon mono arm, shock absorber,airbrush ,eva foam i ll make some modification some idea about the design? thanks
by menfalling
Flying Wing Sailplane
This is my second flying wing! I now have a monarch and having a ball
by pilotltw
ASW 20 wing tip extensions
Can any advise me on the availability/ where I could obtain, a set of wing tip extensions and winglets ( if possible) for an ASW 20 Thanks Ross Biggar
by mintern
DG-800S righthand wing
Hi everyone, I am looking for just righthand main part wing section for DG-800S. I will be grateful for any information. <phone> 120
by Peter Poki
What do you call this single seat, high wing glider build by Schweizer Aircraft of Elmira New York?
This is one of the favorite glider in this site and its 1-34 model was build in the mid-1960s.
by Marra M
Hello JJ... Can you provide me with any photos of the wing ?...
Hello JJ... Can you provide me with any photos of the wing ? I also would appreciate any general photos of the ship...Thanks, Bob G
by Bob G
Looking around the globe for a PW5 left wing (manual connect...
Looking around the globe for a PW5 left wing :( (manual connect)for our club glider in Texas. any info appreciated.:silly: 4-21-11
by rafdo
What do you call this Polish made mid-wing two seater aerobatic glider?
This sailplane was first displayed in Netherlands in 1993 where Jerzy Makula flew it winning the World Championship.
by Marra M
Szd jantar 2a outer wing panels
What is the proper procedure for removing outer wing panels? I am having a bit of a problem with mine. When removing outer panels, it pulls the ailerons out of position.
by steve
Ka6 wing dollies
Hi all, Does anyone know where I can get a pair of trailer wing dollies made? Cheers Rob
by Rob Shepherd
Re: DG 101G or ASW 19B
never flew DG, my feelings from 19 was -low lying wing, quite soft, which was comfortable in thermals, circling nice, but painful rolling on ground when in tow, especially on 'not golf course like ...
by pra1968
Re: What glider if not a Speed Astir?
The Speed Astir is certainly not the lightest ship, but so far everybody, who has flown mine, had a smile on his face. Compared to a LS4 the speed astir is much more agile, climbs well, easy to fly, ...
by Heißluftexperte
Re: Hi there, I'm about to buy a used DG 800s. I am looking for ...
... ldn't trade it for anything. However, if you plan to compete in contests, you should know that the wing ...
by cdeerinck
Re: Worst glider ever
A high school (1964) friend and I built a 12 foot rogallo wing out of furring strips, duct tape (of course) and plastic drop cloth. This was attached to a small bicycle ... and we launched on the ...
Re: SparrowHawk Sailplane
So far, I believe all the customers are already licensed sailplane pilots, so we don't have think too hard. Right now, 'thinking' about what the accident and fatality rate really means 'speculating'. ...
by AdipexAdipex
FS: SZD 48, Jantar Standard 2
Refinished and zero timed for SZD dealer in 1998, single piece canopy, transponder, radio, oxygen, wing tip wheels. 3 year old Avionics trailer. If interested, e-mail me or call(650)-494-1742. Henryk ...
by tiderider
Re: Winglets for standard cirrus
I have not flown with winglets, but the following comments have been made by experienced pilots. One owner had original wing tips, LS type winglets and Ventus type winglets. Over a competition he ...
by The effects of winglets
Re: VENTUS 2B (east coast) FOR SALE
Just popping my advert back to the top of the list... I've included some additional information below. Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2B SN80 Manufactured 11/98 - Delivered 2/99. Total Package Price (for ...
by David S
Re: Turbulator tape
... of the data you get. We bought turbulator tape for our Hornet, and received a sheet of sketches showing the turbulator position, but also enclosed was a table showing the measured improvement in L/D ...
by 11jason11
Re: Standard Cirrus
... nning lights and added a tongue jack. I can get the ship out of the trailer to the point where the wings can be installed. I've ...
by Dr. Jet
Re: SZD-59 or Salto H101 or B4 wanted ! Can anyone help making t...
I have a Salto h101 with trailer and changable acro+soaring wing tips for sale PM me if you want to email me.
by Joe Stubbs
Re: Gelcoat and Lacquer/Acetone
... ont... What about taking the yellowish old tape residue off of wood and fabric. Specifically at the wing root of a K-6? Any recommendations for getting this stuff off safely? Ryan Wubben Chapel Hill, ...
by Ns Ehrlich
Re: Grob Twin
Staffan Ek a écrit : Maybe you are talking about Twin III and not Twin II. Except for the landing gear (three wheels on the Twin II), Twin I and Twin II are not so different - both being heavy on ...
by dflaim
Re: Question about ultralight gliders
... g to what is said in the above URL, is less extreme, i.e. instead of using a stable airfoil for the wing, they use an airfoil with moderate unstability allowing ...
by trampamlm
Re: Lengthy glider accident analysis report released
... e no respect at all. At least rename the thread to 'More hype about my stable pitch positive flying wing with a tail ...
by woodster
Re: ASW-20 wings for sale anyone? Tim Dews Workshop (01985) 840981 Airborne Composites Fax (01985) 840981 The Hangar Home (01985) 841125 Wing Farm Mobile ...
by PG
Re: Is the Speed Astir IIB a good as a first glider.
... lot can certainly be done safely. Based on about 250 hours in a Speed Astir IIb, I'd note the following: The handling isn't the best (Heavy ailerons due to the flex ...
by sfahrner
LS-6 for sale This LS-6C – 17,6 is in excellent condition and has 15 mtrs w...
LS-6 for sale This LS-6C – 17,6 is in excellent condition and has 15 mtrs wing tips but also 17,6 mtrs wing tips. All her sealings have been changed during the complete lack overhaul in Spring ...
by Guest
Re: Any Bede BD-5S sailplanes still flying around today?Any avai...
Hi and thank you!! I completely understand what you are saying, in my words, the B wing design wont give you the lift you need unless you get very long wings and then structurally they might be ...
by AJ
Libelle/Kestrel aileron drive
I am perturbed but not a,mazed that this problem is still around. Yearsago I ordered a pair of aileron drives from the manufacturer. There was no indication of L/R nor any note that they are mirror ...
by Number138
Re: Disconnecting ASW-20 BL Flaperons
... the attachment bracket. To reinstall, use a dremmal tool and remove some of the filling on both the wing and fairing. Mix up a real thick batch of epoxy and microballons. Glue the fairing on ...
by kkrish
American Eaglet
Why do people disparage the American Eaglet? I own one with spoilers only and it flies beautifully. I converted it to a gas-electric with a Hacker A200 electric brushless motor on the nose with a ...
by Charterpilot
Re: Eta flights this summer?
I was in Germany last week and saw the Eta in the DLR hangar at Braunschweig. It is indeed being regularly flown, by Hans-Werner Große. It is an amazing looking sailplane, beautifully designed, ...
by Keit.Smiss
Re: Gelcoat Crazing Treatment
It happened to my glider, a Pegasus. We had a mid wing mounted wing dolly as part of our one-man tow out kit. The wing flexed at twice its normal frequency at this point. The gel was badly crazed, we ...
by DSOseeker
Estate Sale: Cobra 15m Trailer for 20m Sailplane Seattle, WA
For Sale: 2003 Alfred Spindelberger Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH 15m Cobra model Sailplane Trailer This trailer is being sold for an estate. The DG-1000 sailplane that was once stored/transported in this ...
by Traci S
Re: SG-1 sailplane prototype
I noticed that too. They said they've still got to allow for drag at the wing roots and so forth. Still, looks as if it could be quite a nice little glider. I don't know why no one has ever designed ...
by AdipexAdipex
Re: Worse glider ever...
One presumes you mean worst glider (or is that how you say it in American) 2-33A gets my vote - absolutely the vilest glider I have ever flown(40+types), and it's not good looking either-how you ...
by Linda2
Water ballast valve
... lly loses water between the valve command and the hole that contains it. Some told me to pierce the wing to fix it. is there any way to avoid drilling into it? thanks for your help ...
by Walter
Re: Apis Gliders
nothing on cost on the web page.. nice looking though.. and great L/D for a 13meter wing TZ
by scottb

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