Speaking of the Ventus...
... iscus, especially with winglets, is a very sweet handling glider and suitable for first glider. The ventus has a reputation for being a little more demanding. This may explain why used discuses are ...
by Keit.Smiss
My Ventus CT emits spots of black oil on the fuselage when t...
My Ventus CT emits spots of black oil on the fuselage when the engine has been run, the green engine management LED is also not showing. The engine is a Solo 2350 and is twenty years old. Les.
by Les
Buying my first glider: mini nimbus, ventus or asw20 ? Which one should I t...
Buying my first glider: mini nimbus, ventus or asw20 ? Which one should I take ? Have 100 hrs on L-23 and B4.
by Guest
VENTUS 2B (east coast) FOR SALE
Apologies to all who responded to my post late last year, but the directory I stored your information corrupted. My Ventus 2B (N840C) will be available after the 15M Nationals are complete. This ship ...
by Grogs
27B and Ventus 2
Do both sailplanes have new horizontal stabilizer designs ? Is this the next big breakthrough? Which is trying to get the jump on the other sailplane? What is the rest of the story? Regards, RE Gaines
by Mathiasll
For Sale: Ventus 2cT
For Sale: Ventus 2cT For complete info see:
by irenetrevi
I am having my 1987 Ventus C surface being renewed but I sti...
I am having my 1987 Ventus C surface being renewed but I still haven't made my mind-up regarding the type of gel coat (T35 versus Schwabellack). The company doing the job recommends me the T35, but ...
by Guest
Ventus b For Sale
I have a Ventus b for sale, based at Minden. For full info, click here:- For
by Duncan
Compare flying qualities of ASG-29 vrs SH Ventus 2C
Without starting a dog fight, I would apprecite those who have time in both these fantistic sailplanes to compare the fit, finish, comfort, ergonomics, and climb/run performance. Thanks for your ...
by WL2N
Turbulator picture about ventus b
Hi Srs May be you saw the same question before. I put turbulator to clubs ventus but Im in a doubt. +Inboard end of wing---164 mm forward of T/E + At end of spoiler--- 152 mm forward of T/E + At ...
by Walter
Re: Glider Sales for last 15 Years?
OK, here are some estimates covering the years 1988 - 2002: DG Flugzeugbau DG-300 238 DG Flugzeugbau DG-500 235 Glaser-Dirks DG-600 113 DG Flugzeugbau DG-800 286 DG Flugzeugbau DG-1000 16 Grob G 103C ...
by irenetrevi
Re: Hi there, I'm about to buy a used DG 800s. I am looking for ...
Sorry if this is too late, but here goes anyway. I own one, for about 11 years now. It is a great glider overall, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. However, if you plan to compete in contests, ...
by cdeerinck
Re: Winglets for standard cirrus
I have not flown with winglets, but the following comments have been made by experienced pilots. One owner had original wing tips, LS type winglets and Ventus type winglets. Over a competition he ...
by The effects of winglets
Solo 2350 Engine Overhaul Manual - Translation Requested
I have just posted up to Al's Gliderforum a german language copy of an overhaul manual for the Solo 2350 2-stroke engine as used in all of Schempp-Hirth's sustainer models, as well as the Ventus CM ...
by Squirrel-Honest
Illustrated parts catalog of the SOLO 2350C engine
Hello, I'm a new owner of Ventus CM and It will be most appreciated if you can advice me where I can find illustrated parts catalog of the SOLO 2350C engine. Best Regards, IF
by iltsc
Re: Lx160 vario
Similar is the B50 from Borgelt. The LX160 in my Ventus works great. Ties in wih the colibri and Winpilot or palnav. Ian
by Keit.Smiss
Hi trying to get some idea of the value of a second hand Ven...
Hi trying to get some idea of the value of a second hand Ventus CT
by Guest
Re: Schleicher glider nicknames
As Erwin probably knows, the Ka-5 'Zugvogel' (17m) was not a Schleicher-factory-glider, but a glider drawn by Kaiser (father of the 'Ka-series' ) but constructed by the Scheibe-factory. The name Ka-5 ...
by Freebird335
I'm looking for a self launching motorglider and like to have some comparis...
Wich Self Launching Motorglider? I'm looking for a self launching motorglider and like to have some comparison notes between Ventus CM and DG400. By the way, having not competition in mind, why not ...
by Guest
Re: ASW 20 wing tip extensions
M&H if you are talking about 15M tips. I cannot say enough about how positively they effected the performance of my 20 (better roll control on takeoff, slower thermalling speed, etc.) Of course I ...
by filip`
Re: JJ on Trailer Condensation
Hi JJ, Taping my (4) wings is the most time consuming part of the rigging process. The Ventus is usually ready for take-off within 20 minutes after opening the trailer and doing a one-man rigging ...
by glider
Re: First motored flight was NOT done by Wrights
Although not really proven, the frenchman Clément ADER claims to have done a powered flight of 300 m in 1897 with the 'Avion III'. He used a steam engine !... Without any practical evolution after ...
by trading
Re: Glider refinishing in eastern Europe
I have experience with Aerospool in Prievidza, Slovakia. These guys do gelcoats for Shempp Hirth´s Ventus 2c and Discus 2, what I think is enough to refer about quality. They start production of ...
by domr
Re: Fatality at PGC
Bill, You don't say what you fly but your email name suggests it's probably a Ventus. I thought 15m pilots needed the left hand on the flap handle during takeoff. Perhaps other 15m pilots could ...
by ArleneBird
Dianas at US 15m Nationals
I flew extensively with both gliders UT (Bartell) and ZJ (Mockler). The earlier ship (UT) was not particularly impressive in glide or climb. Bill felt that it was better than his Ventus 2a, but I ...
by bhewton
Cockpit sizes
Does anyone have any suggestions on a decent single place glass ship for a 6'1 230 lb. pilot. I only have about 300 hours so I don't need the fastest ..just something decent that I can sit in without ...
by shumaker
Re: Intentional Gear-Up Landings
A friend of mine landed a Ventus-CT, with a rough running engine which couldnt be shut down, with the wheel up. Unfortunately, he admitted he didnt do this on purpose and that he simply got maxed out ...
by pra1968
Re: WTB: 25.5m tips for Nimbus 3
I think you will find the Ventus C tips are the same, which may help your search. Mel.
by DSOseeker
Re: What's your dream plane?
Hmmmmm, a plane that climbs like a Libelle and runs like an ASW 22. OK.... now for the HI TECH answer.... Flaps are cool but I think that a variable wing profile would be even better..... and ...
by timinnc
Re: Gliders at Oshkosh
now, if you make that 2-33 a Duo Discus then we may be in business..... or have you ever seen Tom Cruise chase down Mother Theresa in one of his movies ???? Ernie - Ventus C (FL)
by souljay
Re: Glider still available for sales as of today?
My Ventus b is still for sale as of 10/16/13. It is based at Minden, NV. Here is the link: Duncan
by Duncan
Hi I'd like to book some space over the coming 2002 Easter period if I can. I was down last year and this year I'd like to bring 10 to 15 people with me. Can you confirm space is available. Do we ...
by TerrtUU

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