JJ on Trailer Condensation
by Sakura Kinomoto
Komet Trailer Tongue Surge Damper - How To Replace
The surge damper on my Komet trailer is shot. I have a replacement from Entec along with a very fuzzy fax of an exploded drawing of the whole tongue assembly. While I can see what all the parts are, ...
by Linda2
Glider trailer tires
Time has come to replace the tires on my glider trailer. Can I use regular automotive tires, or would it be advisable to buy 'trailer tires'? The size is 175/80 R 13 and I'm sure the tires on there ...
by filip`
Estate Sale: Cobra 15m Trailer for 20m Sailplane Seattle, WA
For Sale: 2003 Alfred Spindelberger Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH 15m Cobra model Sailplane Trailer This trailer is being sold for an estate. The DG-1000 sailplane that was once stored/transported in this ...
by Traci S
Trailer for sale?
Hello, How much are you asking for the trailer please? Thank you, Rich <phone>
by splashpilot
Wanted: Fiberglass Trailer Fenders
Greetings, Today, on the way to the airport, I blew a tire and destroyed the one good fender on the trailer. Other fender damaged in previous tire incident. Anyone know a source for PIK Factory ...
by blueheart
Trailer Availability
Hello. If the trailer is still for sale, I would like for us to be in contact via email so I might be able to ask you for additional information and to see if we are in the same ballpark price wise. ...
by Diamant-18 Driver
Glider trailer
Does any body know if a Glider 22' trailer is consirered a light waight trailer or not? Does anybody know what they weight?
by racer0300
PIK-Trailer Brake
Need replacement brake shoes for my original PIK trailer made in 1978. Would anybody know where to get these? Does anybody know what type (size) wheels they are? Karl Landl
by StevieG
US source for Trailer Jack Crank
The adjustable jack crank needs to be replaced on my older Anschau Komet trailer. This is the post type that is near the hitch, with the wheel. It is raised and lowered by the clamp style system. ...
by scottb
Glider trailer for sale
What is the asking price for the trailer? Do you have some photos to send?
by Philip H
Importing a glider trailer
Any words of wisdom regarding the purchase and importation of a used glider from Europe. Any information/experiences will be appreciated. My major concerns are the cost of transportation ,insurance, ...
by souljay
I need a closed road trailer for a K8 in the UK. Does anyone have one for s...
I need a closed road trailer for a K8 in the UK. Does anyone have one for sale?
by mikedowling
Trailer Avalibility
Hello Traci, Is the trailer still available? If so, what is your asking price? How can we connect to discuss this transaction? Thanks, Jon P.S. Years ago, I used to live in Renton and flew out of ...
by Diamant18Driver
Wanted ! I am a pilot in Japan. And I need the trailer for ASK21. If you ha...
Wanted ! I am a pilot in Japan. And I need the trailer for ASK21. If you have good information, please contact me ASAP. Mail: <email>
by Guest
Re: Does anyone know of an ASK-21 for sale?
... proximately 1978. Last annual november 2011. Glass in good shape no cracks. Glider comes with a trailer built by Alfred Spidelberger twin axle. Trailer is in very good shape. Paint on trailer ...
by Rob
DG 101G or ASW 19B
Hopefully I will not start a grand debate but I would be grateful for some input on what must be a decision as old as aviation - which aircraft to buy when one has narrowed to search to two? Clearly ...
by mintern
Jantar standards and comparison to asw 15b
Looking for that "perfect" first plane and have come down to a few choices. 1. Any out there that have had a good amount of experience with both Jantar standards -- 41a and 48-1 (Jantar Standard ...
by timinnc
Re: Twin Astir For Sale / Astir CS 77 for Sale
... two seat glider, but I was wondering if you could send me some pictures of the plane itself and the trailer to my email @ <email> Best ...
by Rafal
Re: Libelle 201 B for sale
... cribe condition of gelcoat - any yellowing or crazing? Any major damage in the past? What kind of trailer? Do you have pictures of both you can ...
by Steeminpast
Re: SparrowHawk Sailplane
... or with a properly shaped hill, roll off launch. And their light weight makes it easier to get the trailer ...
by luckydog
ASW-24 For Sale
ASW-24, Cobra trailer, Cambridge L-Nav and GPS - 20, Winter mechanical vario, Dittel SFG-71M radio, B modified wings, M&H winglets, tow out gear, double battery set up, Nixon/Murray water dump, ...
by Number138
SZD 55 For Sale.....But how Much?
... ing of selling it, but as they are quite rare its hard to zero in on a fair price. Its got a Komett trailer and is in very nice condition with good instruments. Anyone got any thoughts? ...
by Guest
FS: SZD 48, Jantar Standard 2
... aler in 1998, single piece canopy, transponder, radio, oxygen, wing tip wheels. 3 year old Avionics trailer. If interested, e-mail me or call(650)-494-1742. Henryk ...
by tiderider
Re: SZD 55 for sale?
We might have a SZD-55 for sale here in Norway, with Cobra trailer. Are you still interested?
Re: VENTUS 2B (east coast) FOR SALE
... hempp-Hirth Ventus 2B SN80 Manufactured 11/98 - Delivered 2/99. Total Package Price (for sailplane, trailer, and all listed ...
by David S
Re: Alternatives for glider insurance?
I'm new to the aviation insurance game since I bought my first sailplane this year. I did my homework and priced several policies. Since I live in MI, with winter storage, I found the on/off ...
by dflaim
For Sale: Glasflugel Kestrel 17
GLASFLUGEL KESTREL 17 S/N 30, great condition, fresh annual, instruments including Cambridge CNAV glide computer, water ballast, Prandtl TE probe, large cockpit (I'm 6'5'), removable fwd canopy (a ...
by Squirrel-Honest
DG-300 for sale
DG-300 , s/n 3e13, 1984. Excellent condition , 1754 hrs. Control fittings refurbished . Cobra trailer,transponder ,lots of extras . 1000k ship , complete package.33k Call Marc <phone> , 818 ...
by MANAX99
SZD-59 Acro for sale
For Sale - SZD-59 Acro 13.2m/15m Fully aerobatic (+7/-5g) in 13.2m form with 15m winglets removed, 40:1 with 15m winglets fitted. Built 1996, very low hours and launches. As new condition. All mods ...
by piemti
Re: Any 15m wingspan schweizer sailplanes avail for sale,& pse s...
I have an SGS 1-35C for sale. $15,000 with decent enclosed trailer. Located at Lake Elsinore, CA Rick Lloyd
by Rick Lloyd
Schreder HP-11A For Sale, North Carolina
For Sale, 17 meter HP-11a in enclosed trailer. Good condition. Electric vario and panel-mounted radio. This aircraft placed First in the 1968 U.S. Nationals and was the first glider in North America ...
by 11jason11
Re: Standard Cirrus
... gure out how the previous owner rigged the ship. I can not get the nose of the fuselage out of the trailer far enough to open the canopy fully. This makes inserting the wing pin in ...
by Dr. Jet
Re: SZD-59 or Salto H101 or B4 wanted ! Can anyone help making t...
I have a Salto h101 with trailer and changable acro+soaring wing tips for sale PM me if you want to email me.
by Joe Stubbs
Re: How much does a new sailplane cost
New 15 metre (flaps) Diana 2 is 64,000 euro, plus trailer. Many good used ships available for 20,000 USD. See, or ...
by dandywriter
I have a 1959 schwiezer SGU-2-22 C for sale,not a 1955. Sorry my mistake! T...
... stake! The aircraft last flew in 1988.The aircraft has been sitting in a barn, disassembled on it,s trailer.The sailplane overall appearance looks okay,but it may need to ...
by Guest
FS: Discus bT
Discus bT, built 1991, 1475 hrs, 330 launches; engine installed 1995, 17 hrs; very good optical & technical condition! Fully & well equipped (among other things winglets, special colour markings, bug ...
by DSOseeker
LS-6 for sale This LS-6C – 17,6 is in excellent condition and has 15 mtrs w...
LS-6 for sale This LS-6C – 17,6 is in excellent condition and has 15 mtrs wing tips but also 17,6 mtrs wing tips. All her sealings have been changed during the complete lack overhaul in Spring ...
by Guest
Re: Looking for a sailplane that is registered in Canada. My budget is up to $2...
... around the $16,000 range. This glider is in very good condition and has 17 meter wings. Excellent trailer and delivery to Alberta available. Let me know via ...
by Mike
F.S. 15M Schweitzer 1-35
Fresh annual. No Damage. New epoxy paint. Wings and fuselaug in perfect condition. Enclosed Trailer. Will deliver in W. US or partway to other states. Photos may be seen at: ...
by mintern

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