ASW-20 Tail water ballast bag
Of course, you are right. If the tail bag puts the gross weight over the red line, bad luck, no tail balast... I'l love to be lighter... and a little smaller. I'm 1,97mts, and even a couple years ...
by pra1968
LED tail lights for trailers?
Has anyone found a good source for LED tail lights? They seem brighter and supposedly light .2 seconds faster. I would be interested in replacing my trailer lights with these, especially if the ...
by AdipexAdipex
Discus Tail Wheel Replacement
The rubber tailwheel assembly on me 13 year old Discus is pretty well deteriorated. I'm ready to stick on the replacement. What say the group with regard to suggested adhesive and technique?
by souljay
ASW 19 tail wheel
Can i get a glue-on skid with a roller-blade wheel insert for my 19; where ?
by Steve
Hey guys, don't you know someone where can i find the tail tank scheme or p...
hey guys, don't you know someone where can i find the tail tank scheme or plan for asw-20/pegase please? :)
by Guest
Re: Does anyone know of an ASK-21 for sale?
Schleicher Ask 21 3,041.9 hours Built approximately 1978. Last annual november 2011. Glass in good shape no cracks. Glider comes with a trailer built by Alfred Spidelberger twin axle. Trailer is ...
by Rob
Re: DG 101G or ASW 19B
... the model with a standard horizontal stabilizer and elevator (the previous models had an all flying tail elevator) and a one piece canopy. The cockpit was extremely comfortable. Handling in thermals ...
by Ticketbyru
Re: Looking for a sailplane that is registered in Canada. My budget is up to $2...
Hi Thanks for the reply. If I can have more details and photos that would be nice. HP14 with a T tail I thought they had a V tail? My direct email is <email> Thanks Geoff
by Geoff
Re: VENTUS 2B (east coast) FOR SALE
Just popping my advert back to the top of the list... I've included some additional information below. Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2B SN80 Manufactured 11/98 - Delivered 2/99. Total Package Price (for ...
by David S
Re: Pilatus B4 questions
... t you cannot keep this glider in a spin ? Why would you correct this behaviour with a weight in the tail ? For me, a glider that is reluctant to spin or will not stay into a spin looks quite safe. ...
by blueheart
Re: Schleicher glider nicknames
... ersion of the Zugvogel. In reality it is a different glider, the fuselage looks the same (up to the tail that is), ...
by tiderider
Estate Sale: Cobra 15m Trailer for 20m Sailplane Seattle, WA
For Sale: 2003 Alfred Spindelberger Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH 15m Cobra model Sailplane Trailer This trailer is being sold for an estate. The DG-1000 sailplane that was once stored/transported in this ...
by Traci S
Re: Standard Cirrus
Well, here's a little update: I've been trying to figure out how the previous owner rigged the ship. I can not get the nose of the fuselage out of the trailer far enough to open the canopy fully. ...
by Dr. Jet
Re: SG-1 sailplane prototype
Well... it reminds me both Genesis (general look) and a Cobra 15/17 - the famous Cobra's tail :) Good luck guys, Janusz Kesik Aeroclub Czestochowa
by chaos syndrome
Re: Grob Twin
My club has both a Twin II Acro and a Twin Astir. The Twin Astir's only failing is that the back seat can be awkward. I've found that if you take a little time to fit yourself properly it can be very ...
by BangmanX
L-33 wing drop
... ng drop on our l-33. It seems to happen as I'm approaching TO speed, just as I nose over to get the tail off the ground. It's happened twice and pretty abruptly. Anyone else ever have the same ...
by shumaker
Re: Any 15m wingspan schweizer sailplanes avail for sale,& pse s...
... phalt too. I would almost consider modifying it with a small nose wheel for that. Although with the tail ballast it is much easier to hold the ...
by Rick Lloyd
Re: Recommended training for newbie Discus owner.
Everything you have flown to date is typically operated as a nosedragger. You now want to fly a taildragger. Everything you have flown to date is VERY spin resistant flown dual, unless you found an ...
by Ticketbyru
Re: Libelle Antenna
And better lay on the ground as far as possible from the antenna, so as not to detune it too much with your body capacitance. You mean an 'LC' circuit, don't you? Besides, unless there is an active ...
by 0-lee
Re: Anyone know a ask 21 is up for sale or a cirrus c75 thanks
Where are you located? Not a Cirrus '75, but a G/81, which is I believe the same fuselage but with a conventional tailplane, rather than the all flying tail.
by RJ
Re: Gary Osoba email? Woodstock???
Don... Er Don answer the question Don you tail less wonder lets here your 2c worth.
by 10stone5
Our ASW19B is placard limited to a top pilot weight of 212 l...
Our ASW19B is placard limited to a top pilot weight of 212 lbs which two of the syndicate only just manage to keep under, especially after christmas. This is lower than the general manufacturere ...
by Guest
Re: Standard Austria - Can I?
I have owned an sh-1 for two years and am very happy with it. The performance is very good considering the era in which it was designed. The polar is flat and therefore it has good penetration and ...
by vmessina
Re: Worst glider for instructors
Correct me if I'm wrong here, but there doesn't seem to be a major There was an early Shempp-Hirth with a V-tail
by Sakura Kinomoto
Libelle 301B needs new owner
Libelle 301B, Serial No. 65, Total time 1026 hrs. Full Cambridge LNav, GPS Nav, Compaq 1530, all updates. Icom A200 Radio, boom mike, new A/S, Winter variometer, compass. Tail dolly and tow out gear. ...
by Squirrel-Honest
The Boy Who Flew With Condors
... lm Walt Disney picks up a desk model of a glider. It looks like a two place high performance with T tail. I think it is a model of Ted Smith's 'Soaring Star' that was built in the 1970s. Can anyone ...
by pra1968
F/S ASK-13 (two place)
The ASK-13 is a two place sailplane with steel tube fuselage and wood wings & tail feathers. Basic instruments, two canopies, good open trailer, fabric in very good condition. Small area of wood ...
by Linay
Re: Where can I find Standard Austria part?
Hey there. I am restoring an SHK-1 Serial#9. It hasn't been flown since the mid 70s. None of the AD notes appear to ever been down. Got a rebuilt TOST tow release for that AD note. But need the ...
by Restoring SHK-1 SN 9
I'm looking for wings for a DG 800 B 18m
I have a complete fuselage with some damage to tail. I need both wings I have winglets and the starboard 15-18 m extension port side extension needed. Anyone have any ideas who might have a set of ...
by DG 800b motor glider
What is DG 500 worth
:) I am,looking at a DG 500 that has been a lease back 2750 hr,s had major tail repair two gear up landings
by ken
Re: Ilec probe.... UP or DOWN?
Up - Ideally in line with the horizontal tail. Unless of course it would block your tail-mounted pitot... For the whole story, see: ...
by souljay
Re: Lengthy glider accident analysis report released
... at all. At least rename the thread to 'More hype about my stable pitch positive flying wing with a tail ...
by woodster
Re: Tow Pilot qualifications
Insurance companies decide this rather than the FARs. Our policy says 500hrs SEL and if a tail-dragger is used, then 100hrs tail-dragger time.
by lilroff9000
Re: How to change O-Rings inside Prandtl tube socket ?
... itot and a TE in the fin it's possible to upgrade. If you have four pneumatic lines coming from the tail then you ...
by bhatia_vishnu
New ASK 21 in may/june 2009
ASK 21 delivered directly from schleicher in may/june 2009 Anti-collision paintwork on rudder & wingtips with luminescent colour (2-coat-paint) in RAL 3024 Aircraft completely painted with acrylic ...
by Lars Jensen
Paper gliders
we are working on a design project involving a glider made exclusively of paper (and glue) and has to carry a payload of around 15 grams( two chalkpieces). the performance parameter would be ...
by morg_dog
Re: 2 Batteries
Two batteries (6,5 Ah and 4 Ah tail batt) for the main circuit. Seperate 6,5 Ah for bugwipers, shoeheaters and backup for logger. The powersource for the logger can be switched without power ...
by tiderider

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