ASW-20 Relief System
We've just acquired a lovely ASW-20C w/o a relief system. Much to our surprise, when we opened up the seat pan to install one, we found VERY close tolerances around the tire/wheel assembly, ...
by filip`
Oxygen System for Blanik L-13 (questions)
We are preparing to install an O2 system in an L-13. The manuals do not show any approved installations. Does anyone have recommended or approved bottle types and locations for the L-13. Thanks,
by filrabat
Re: ASW-24 For Sale
... winglets, tow out gear, double battery set up, Nixon/Murray water dump, Smiley bags, LG warning, P system. Excellent ...
by luckydog
Re: VENTUS 2B (east coast) FOR SALE
Just popping my advert back to the top of the list... I've included some additional information below. Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2B SN80 Manufactured 11/98 - Delivered 2/99. Total Package Price (for ...
by David S
SZD-59 Acro for sale
For Sale - SZD-59 Acro 13.2m/15m Fully aerobatic (+7/-5g) in 13.2m form with 15m winglets removed, 40:1 with 15m winglets fitted. Built 1996, very low hours and launches. As new condition. All mods ...
by piemti
Re: Worst glider for instructors
Even with the wink at the end of your message I think this need to be addressed properly. The trim system in the 2-33 is inadequate for several reasons. Early models have it located on the floor ...
by StevieG
Re: Is the Speed Astir IIB a good as a first glider.
Probably not the best choice, but the transition for a low time pilot can certainly be done safely. Based on about 250 hours in a Speed Astir IIb, I'd note the following: The handling isn't the ...
by sfahrner
Re: LS-6 for sale This LS-6C – 17,6 is in excellent condition and has 15 mtrs w...
Email addresses are blocked on the forum posts. I suggest you'd sign in and use our private messages system to exchange such private information.
by jade
Re: Looking for a sailplane that is registered in Canada. My budget is up to $2...
Geof, what you can both do is simply sign up and be members on our forum. It is easy and free and allows you to use our pm system. :)
by jade
Re: My Ventus CT emits spots of black oil on the fuselage when t...
Dear Colleagues A little bit oil fog or even a few oil spots are quite normal, it's just a two stroke engine. But: There are only a few types of oil recommended by SOLO and furthermore SOLO (and ...
by Christian
Re: Eta flights this summer?
I was in Germany last week and saw the Eta in the DLR hangar at Braunschweig. It is indeed being regularly flown, by Hans-Werner Große. It is an amazing looking sailplane, beautifully designed, ...
by Keit.Smiss
Re: Accurate Contest Scoring - Distance
What, exactly and specifically, are the 'problems' with the 1000-point system to which you allude? You don't say in your earlier post. Please quantify your answer with actual metrics, and also ...
by chaos syndrome
Re: Gelcoat Crazing Treatment
A quick comment would be to suggest that you really need to think about what scale of gelcoat cracking are you proposing to deal with. There is a huge difference between the onset of the problem with ...
by Freebird335
Re: Don Engen and Bill Ivans NTSB Report
The NTSB took 3 years to come to their 'Probable Cause', which was essentially 'pilot error'. They likely had to come to that conclusion because they could not find anything wrong with the Nimbus ...
by alexsch
Water fitting for ASW19
I would like to start using water in my ASW19. I have the bladders fitted but no other fittings. what do I need to fill the system? Any help would be appreciated and any photos. Thanks John
by John
Re: Trailer Availability
... exchange email addresses or any other kind of private data, you will need to sign in and use our pm system. Most kinds of private data are blocked on the public ...
by jade
NAVMAN and TeleType GPS
Hi, The note below is about GPS's used for soaring. I think it will be of interest to the gliding community, based on the many e-mails I have received from glider pilots on the subject. I've received ...
by 11jason11
Re: Flaperons
... that combine the area normally occupied by flaps and ailerons, and that move as a unit. A Flaperon system will generally have a mechanical mixer that takes input from ...
by Sakura Kinomoto
Re: Hand held GPS Unit
... time ago, using jerry oneills sunlight readable 5" PNA with licensed winpilot. Because its windows system, it also has lk8000 and xcsoar, and when finished ...
by andyadastra
Re: Wave Video
EDS system from mountain high Al
by filip`
Re: Old Borgelt Instruments
Ziggy, Discovered this post today - my reply... Quite the contrary! When requested we forward a .txt file of operating notes for the "very old" B21 + B24 + B25 instruments. We also offer guidance & ...
by Carol Borgelt
Re: Libelle 301B needs new owner
Guys we are mixing up 201 info with 301 info. All 301's have balsa cores and none of them can be leagilly flown in excess of 661 GW, unless they have been licenced Experimental. Now any 201 can be ...
by StevieG
Re: American Eaglet??
The prototype Eaglet had a knob to twist on top of the stick that drove a trim tab out on one wingtip to bias the stick back to center for a steady thermalling turn instead of holding one spoiler ...
by alexsch
SSA Member Questions/SSA Leadership Answers
J. J. Sinclair wrote; in the thread, Grand Jury on SSA 'I don't necessarily agree or disagree with the accusations that have been made here on RAS about the conduct of those responsible for the ...
by Squirrel-Honest
Re: Inexpensive Flight Computer
After waiting five weeks for a serial hotsync cable (it is one way to connect your palm) I moved to another solution. It's a cable produced for palm and phone connection: ...
by Linda2
Backup/Emergency Oxygen systems
I have recently seen two small, very portable oxygen systems that look good for glider use. One is called 'Breath of Life' and the other is called 'CO-PILOT'. Both use a non-replaceable 18 liter ...
by Ns Ehrlich
Diluter Demand Oxygen Regulator - A14A
Does any one out there know the name & details of the manufacturer of this system? RD in the UK used to sell it but no longer do. This is the regulator that has a 'blinger'and which requires the MC3A ...
by chaos syndrome
Re: Twin Astir
... ir for many years. The wheel brake was practically useless. Finally it was converted to a hydraulic system, unfortunately the design left the caliper so close to the ground that the caliper was ...
by cosmopolitan
Re: SZD-59 AD
... ssued in 2001 by the BGA. It applied to all SZD gliders having a particular type of brake actuating system (bevel gears in the wing root) and ...
by tiderider
US source for Trailer Jack Crank
... s the post type that is near the hitch, with the wheel. It is raised and lowered by the clamp style system. ...
by scottb
Re: Intentional Gear-Up Landings
... lear in his view on one time you should land with the wheel up. When you have a vertical retraction system like on my Cirrus, and you are going to land on a very hard and ...
by glider
Worst String Ever
... t Hobbs, owned by the SSA but not mentioned in the Financial Statement or entered into the computer system ...
by lilroff9000
Re: Soaring web site retiring
I have gotten a few responses by e-mail so far. I'll try to get back to everyone today. At the risk of offending some, are there any places that you *don't* want the the data to go? (You can e-mail ...
by bhewton
Re: Are pure mechanical Varios necessary
I have removed my mechanical PZL vario and kept it on the shelf for when I may sell the glider. However I still use an two electronic varios. A Borglet B100 and a B40 for backup in case my main power ...
by rohandsa
Re: Info needed on Wind Direction and Strength Computer???
... 'first flying a couple of circles'. I think he did NOT mean thermalling. That would re-validate the system of ...
by irenetrevi
Re: VolksLogger data retrieval on post Windows 98 PCs
The registry solution should work, at least it did in the past few months. But I heard that Jens had problems with it. We wanted to guide him through the problem via telephone, but somehow it seems ...
by AdipexAdipex
Windows ME for Loggers?
Has anyone found a way to download the IGC log files from any of the data-loggers if they have a computer with the Windows ME operating system?
by Ticketbyru
Re: Booking club gliders
Bidford GC have a booking system for club aircraft which works fine!.
by Ticketdealer
Re: Tasman Variometer
... lation and improper setting of response time. An electronic vario should be the first vario on a TE system. If the winter was tied into the TE system ahead of the Tasman, the response ...
by tiderider
Re: 302 problem:Cant get FAT.
The Cambridge 302 Flight Recording system uses a unique way to recover data from its internal flash memory. It does not use the classic file allocation table. Thus, we have a 'Non-Fat' product. It is ...
by Freebird335

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