The Twilight Zone (soaring FBOs)
Last Saturday during a business trip, I took a short break and visited a Texas glider FBO. There were two people behind the counter, one talking on the phone and the other working at a computer, both ...
by lilroff9000
Soaring TV Show Proposal On the Web Looks like someone has been doing some work on bring Soaring to a mass audience. Kevin Christner
by souljay
New to Soaring and Gliders
Hello, I am new to soaring and live in Florida. I just joined the TBSS Tampa Bay Soaring Society. And went for my introductory flight yesterday. It was awesome! I start my flight training next ...
by Ns Ehrlich
New to soaring
I am really interested in taking up soaring but the only problem is that the closest club is almost 550 miles away. That's alright to go to get my instruction but to go that far to fly is alittle ...
by Sakura Kinomoto
Soaring fr Sweden to So Cal
In June I asked for advice on soaring in Southern California and got respons from Ron Gregg. ( I just moved from Sweden to So Cal) If anyone knows his email address or have other useful information, ...
by Ticketdealer
Looking for soaring books
Looking for 2 soaring books. # Cross Country Soaring by Helmut Reichman (Strekke Segelflug) # Flying over the Alps by Jurgen von Kalkreuth (Segeln uber den Alps) It is impossible to get these books ...
by chaos syndrome
Soaring in FL
Any recomendations of clubs where we can fly in FL while on holiday in Oct? Thanks steve and sharon
by Mammonther
Good soaring pics from Oregon
If you can't join us here in Hood River Or. USA, at least check out the pics. One of the rides I took up this last weekend put this site together.
by chaos syndrome
What about convergence between Soaring and Olympic Games ? I...
What about convergence between Soaring and Olympic Games ? I think you were concerned in 1986... Regards, Michel de la Burgade, member of the Historic Committee of the French Soaring Association ...
by Guest
Soaring near L.A.
Hi! I will visit Los Angeles next week. It's a business trip but I will have some days for sightseeing. Are there any airfields with soaring activity in this region? Thanks for Your info's! Erich (EE)
by Keit.Smiss
Where are these soaring photographers?
I'm interested in finding out whatever happened to the great soaring photographers, George Uveges and Alex Aldott (sp?). Any help would be appreciated.
by Jiggybo
US Soaring Team in South Africa - Day Report 17
US Soaring Team in South Africa - Day Report 17 The day dawned a bit chilly by South African standards (Ed: There is little sympathy from the frozen North). Early reports from on course have ...
by lilroff9000
Dynamic Soaring
Just wondering if anyone had seen the article on 'Dynamic Soaring' in the current issue of the UK GA magazine 'Today's Pilot.
Dialysis and the Active Soaring Pilot
I am frantically seeking first hand experience on the subject of dialysis patients who also fly sailplanes. I have requested information from the SSA, but, so far, have not received a response. I ...
by Ticketdealer
Can you give me info on croatia soaring sites?
can you give me info on croatia soaring sites?
by Guest
New Patch (4.07) for Soaring Flight Simulator 4.0
The 4.07 patch is available at the SFS web site: This patch resolves the problem with USB rudders.
by caligula
NOTICE of Newsgroup Removal: rec.aviation.soari ng
****, It didn't work, I was hoping this would save me 5-10 minutes of wasted time every day!
by Bhah_Humbug
Do you run a soaring website? If you run a non-commercial website about vehicles of any kind then we'd like to add it to our directory. Please get in touch - by email - and we'll get your site listed ...
by souljay
New Soaring Centre in Australia, NSW
Dear glider friends, From the 1st of november 2001 we will operate a new soaring centre at Corowa airfield Australia, NSW. For information visit our webpage ...
by cosmopolitan
Montague County Airport-Mt. Shasta Soaring Group
Hi Everyone, Can anyone tell me if the Mount Shasta Soaring Group are still operating out of Montague County Airport in Northern California? Thanks,
by irenetrevi
Have been out of Soaring for about 10 years. I ran across a ...
Have been out of Soaring for about 10 years. I ran across a 1992 Schempp-Hirth Discus A on ebay. Any idea on recent sales of this year and model.
by Guest
Ted Smith's Soaring Star 2 place sailplane
Hello, Does anybody have information on Ted Smith's last project, the 2 place Soaring Star? I am currently looking for a 3 view with no success. In advance, thank you. Dave
by Guest
Any soaring training available in New Hampshire, USA?
Any soaring training available in New Hampshire, USA? Ground school many years ago, only a few hours in 150's, Cherokee's and 2-22's so will have to start over from scratch. At 72 it'd now or never.
by Guest
I am very new to soaring and LOVE it. However, I am not totally new do flyi...
I am very new to soaring and LOVE it. However, I am not totally new do flying, since I have 3,300 hours. Can nobody tell me why the PW-5 was not much of a success? That plane reminds me a bit of a ...
by Guest
1) I know about Launch of space 2) when launch soaring the s...
1) I know about Launch of space 2) when launch soaring the space in india ? 3) How soaring is useful? 4) Inside the space what is it? 5) what is soaring space effects?
by Guest
2002 World Class Soaring Contest Matamata New Zealand
I am looking for a contact person who could answer some questions regarding the World class soaring contest to be held in February in Matamata New Zealand. Bill Snead Georgetown Texas USA
by BangmanX
Re: Does anyone know of an ASK-21 for sale?
Bruce, Can't send club contact page either. Try googling Tidewater soaring Society and go to website from there. Then use the contact form. Tom
by Tom
Re: What glider if not a Speed Astir?
Saw this post Old Ka6 pilot looking to get back into soaring after many years out. When you say vis a vis Libelle, 'need to fly it properly', can you be specific. Most owners get used to the quirks ...
by John M
Re: Worst glider ever
A high school (1964) friend and I built a 12 foot rogallo wing out of furring strips, duct tape (of course) and plastic drop cloth. This was attached to a small bicycle ... and we launched on the ...
Re: Blanik L33 Solo
Hi Carl, I have had my L-33 for about 2-1/2 years and have done more than 100 flights in it. It was the first single place glider I flew after doing all my training in L-23's. The first 5-6 flights ...
by filip`
Re: Woodstock Project For Sale
Thanks I found the plans and the builder work book . Now all I have to do is clear out the wood space and start. Which is alot harder than it sounds as the better half keeps dragging stuff home from ...
by Terry Kenney
Re: Vario Installation
Could be a gust filter, or a condensation reservoir... alternately, it could be a diaphragm total energy compensator. I have one that connects to the pitot and static, that has a capillary tube in ...
by dandywriter
Re: Alternatives for glider insurance?
Take it for what it is worth, Mr. Pat Costello and his staff, particularly Susan Fassett, have provided me with excellent service at a competitive premium for years. The ability to call and quickly ...
by scottb
Re: SZD-59 Acro for sale
... Also, try an advanced search on ro-ro within rec.aviation.soaring as there are some previous ...
by Jiggybo
Re: Any 15m wingspan schweizer sailplanes avail for sale,& pse s...
Soaring Space apparently blocks email addresses. Yours didn't come through. Try oldwing at verizon dot net. Or you are welcome to call me. Rick Lloyd
by Rick Lloyd
Re: SZD-59 or Salto H101 or B4 wanted ! Can anyone help making t...
I have a Salto h101 with trailer and changable acro+soaring wing tips for sale PM me if you want to email me.
by Joe Stubbs
Re: Grob Twin
Latest issue of soaring has nice article on importing from Europe. RE Gaines
by filrabat
Re: Experimental Sailplanes
You didn't state what performance range you were interested in. The old Stan Hall Cherokee II is a delightful experimental design that is both light and robust. It is stressed for mild aerobatics ...
by vmessina
Derek Piggot - Chicago Seminar 02/16/2002
Chicago Soaring Seminar - 02/16/2002 Herrick Jr. High School 4435 Middaugh Downers Grove, IL 60515 USA Sponsored by the Chicagoland Glider Council $30 Includes Lunch On February 16 Derek Piggot, John ...
by Keit.Smiss

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