What might the approx purchase price be for a DG500 sailplan...
What might the approx purchase price be for a DG500 sailplane?
by Guest
Lebelle 191 price
What's 1971 Libelle 191 worth today? average condition, total airframe hours in January was 1790.:unsure: Thank you for your input.
by Natasha
Selling Price
Can you let us know the selling price? It is good to know for both insurance and county Ad Valorem purposes.
by Marty
I AM LOOKING TO BUY A USED LX160. Offers please. And price. Thanks
I AM LOOKING TO BUY A USED LX160. Offers please. And price. Thanks
by Vitas
Re: Does anyone know of an ASK-21 for sale?
Yes, we have one The BBC Gliding Group, after 22 years ownership, is selling its K21 G-CGBF. Only 2 owners from new in 1986, 4000 hours, 12000 launches app., very well maintained and equipped, with ...
by Roger Neal
DG 101G or ASW 19B
Hopefully I will not start a grand debate but I would be grateful for some input on what must be a decision as old as aviation - which aircraft to buy when one has narrowed to search to two? Clearly ...
by mintern
Re: What glider if not a Speed Astir?
... fect I think. If You'll be looking hard, guys from my club have found Jantars in CIS fo r a bargain price, ...
by Vhear
Jantar standards and comparison to asw 15b
Looking for that "perfect" first plane and have come down to a few choices. 1. Any out there that have had a good amount of experience with both Jantar standards -- 41a and 48-1 (Jantar Standard ...
by timinnc
Re: Libelle 201 B for sale
Hi - saw your Libelle advertised. Could you answer a few questions? Can you describe condition of gelcoat - any yellowing or crazing? Any major damage in the past? What kind of trailer? Do you ...
by Steeminpast
Re: SparrowHawk Sailplane
True, not too likely. But, looking at who is going to be attracted to this price range and type of plane, you are going to attract people that are more used to giving orders than they are at ...
by Keit.Smiss
Emirates: Shower Facilities For First Class Fliers
If you can afford it it sounds like fun, a little too much fun if you ask me. For the price of the First class ticket at the A380. If you want to know how they plan to save weight for the 1 tone ...
by Gloria
Re: VENTUS 2B (east coast) FOR SALE
Just popping my advert back to the top of the list... I've included some additional information below. Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2B SN80 Manufactured 11/98 - Delivered 2/99. Total Package Price (for ...
by David S
Re: Alternatives for glider insurance?
Pik West blew costello out the water when it came to price for similar coverage. They are only able to service west coast aircraft however. Al
by headhouse
Any 15m wingspan schweizer sailplanes avail for sale,& pse s...
any 15m wingspan schweizer sailplanes avail for sale,& pse state price.
by ermall
Discus CS for sale
1997 Discus CS for sale. Fully equipped, excellent condition. Price reduced to $49,000 to avoid winter storage costs and hassle. For details ...
by Ticketbyru
Schreder HP-11A For Sale, North Carolina
For Sale, 17 meter HP-11a in enclosed trailer. Good condition. Electric vario and panel-mounted radio. This aircraft placed First in the 1968 U.S. Nationals and was the first glider in North America ...
by 11jason11
Re: SZD 55 for sale?
What is the price of SZD-55? Would you send some pictures please?
by Maciek2b
Re: Standard Cirrus
Well, I can confirm that no other 15M ship on the planet is easier to assemble than the Libelle. That said, the Cirrus is a close second. Two people can put it together in about 15 minutes with ...
by Dr. Jet
Re: SZD-59 or Salto H101 or B4 wanted ! Can anyone help making t...
Hello Everybody, im from Europe and want to buy an SZD 59 Acro! Please send me Pictures and Price! I'm very interested! Thanx a lot!
by FunFlyer
SZD 55 For Sale.....But how Much?
... (UK based) and am thinking of selling it, but as they are quite rare its hard to zero in on a fair price. Its got a Komett trailer and is in very nice condition with good instruments. Anyone got any ...
by Guest
Glider trailer for sale
What is the asking price for the trailer? Do you have some photos to send?
by Philip H
Re: How much does a new sailplane cost
New 15 metre (flaps) Diana 2 is 64,000 euro, plus trailer. Many good used ships available for 20,000 USD. See, or ...
by dandywriter
Re: FS: Discus bT
Sorry for the '?' in the price, should be: Euro 61.000,- ! Erich
by Keit.Smiss
Is the Speed Astir IIB a good as a first glider.
... win Astir on two hour jaunts. I was looking at a Speed Astir as the best glider I could find in my price bracket ...
by Guest
LS-6 for sale This LS-6C – 17,6 is in excellent condition and has 15 mtrs w...
LS-6 for sale This LS-6C – 17,6 is in excellent condition and has 15 mtrs wing tips but also 17,6 mtrs wing tips. All her sealings have been changed during the complete lack overhaul in Spring ...
by Guest
Looking for a sailplane that is registered in Canada. My budget is up to $2...
... tered in Canada. My budget is up to $20,000. Please let me know if you know or have something in my price range. I am located in Alberta. Many thanks in advance ...
by Geoff
Lx160 vario
I am looking at the LX160 vario/final glide calculator as an entry level replacement for existing vario in a Standard Jantar. Does anyone have any opinion as to the ease of use and funtionality of ...
by 0-lee
Hours on fiberglass airframe
... buy my first glider and am opting for a fiberglass standard class that I may find for a reasonable price. How should I factor in total airframe hours when I consider ships within my price range? ...
by scottb
Re: What is the value of 1981 rolladen-schneider LS 4a glider?
In general look at and search in de Ad's. Find the plane you want and deduct 10%. That's the average price.
by Andrew
Re: Gelcoat Crazing Treatment
It happened to my glider, a Pegasus. We had a mid wing mounted wing dolly as part of our one-man tow out kit. The wing flexed at twice its normal frequency at this point. The gel was badly crazed, we ...
by DSOseeker
Re: Sterling value of a ASW-19 glider. My dad is selling his after many years o...
Where is he located i who may be interest by the glider . You can contact me by <email> With picture i would be able To say à price. Sincerly Antoine
by latulippe.antoine
Pilatus B4 questions
I am looking to purchase a Pilatus B4. Does anybody have any opinion/ideas about this aircraft. Or how about an appropriate price for a 1975 build date with approx 2700 hours and the AF modification.
by Linay
Re: Estate Sale: Cobra 15m Trailer for 20m Sailplane Seattle, WA
Can you let us know the selling price? It is helpful for both Insurance and county Ad Valorem purposes
by Marty
Re: Rotax 535 C Complete
... at is it's service history ie has it had any major repairs if so what and when? What is the asking price? Do you have any ...
by david
Trailer Availability
... so I might be able to ask you for additional information and to see if we are in the same ballpark price wise. Thank you for your ...
by Diamant-18 Driver
Looking forward to own a 15 Meter sailplane.,Libelle or LS-3 or similiarsmi...
Looking forward to own a 15 Meter sailplane.,Libelle or LS-3 or similiarsmin good codition. Please send price an fotos. Regards, Felipe DCosta
by Guest
I'm looking for a self launching motorglider and like to have some comparis...
Wich Self Launching Motorglider? I'm looking for a self launching motorglider and like to have some comparison notes between Ventus CM and DG400. By the way, having not competition in mind, why not ...
by Guest
Diamant 16.5 formsale
Hi everyone , I have a diamant 16.5 for sale in st Dominique Canada This glider have made a lot of good fly and by the all the way of flyng: thermal, ridge, wave. This glide (C-GBVN; 57) his well ...
by latulippe.antoine
Re: Hey i am looking for an MDM-1 FOX.. please contact winkler@d...
Dear Chris, do you still have the fox for Sale? can you tell me the price? conditions? thank a lot Esteban
by esteban
Re: Jantar in production?
You're right. Jantar 2b (20.5m / 50:1 L/D and 4 piece wings unlike '2a') will be produced again. The price I've heard is stunning. Where You've learnt these news? Group or any other way? (priv mode)
by Grumpster

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