Funny Airline Stories

A pilot for Turkey’s Anadolujet was fired after he allowed a 15-year-old to sit in his seat while the plane was flying from Ankara to Erzurum (and while the pilot went to the bathroom). The co-pilot had control of the aircraft, but the teenager did have access to the controls. In 1994 an Aeroflot plane crashed over Siberia when the pilot allowed his son to sit in a similar location and accidentally switched off the auto-pilot.

This came in at no.5 on the list of 10 Strangest Airline Stories of 2008 posted by Jared Blank on the online travel review-blog.

Read the full post for more hilarious stories.

Image By איתן טל Etan Tal (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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