VolksLogger data retrieval on post Windows 98 PCs
I unable to run the DOS-based software that came with my VolksLogger (VL.exe) since upgrading to Windows Millenium Edition (ME). I have been told by the VolksLogger folks that they are aware of this ...
by Ticketdealer
Airfoil data
I'm looking for airfoil data (coordinates, technical papers, etc) on some of the newer airfoils used on high-performance racing sailplanes such as the ASW-26,27,28 or even the eta Project, that were ...
by scottb
EW Model D Data transfer
Has anyone developed a program to transfer traces from an EW Model D to a Compaq Aero 1530? Wayne
by TerrtUU
Near real-time wind and pressure data for the Pacific Northwest
... g from the NIMDA virus. It only covers the Pacific Northwest now, but it has near real-time weather data shown as cool little icons on cool topographical maps. Historical weather data since ...
by Mammonther
Data Loggers COLIBRI and LX 20: which one?
Our Club need to buy a Logger and because being (always) short of cash now the question: What is the main difference between these models and is the price- difference justified? Greetings from Namibia
by Linda2
Re: Turbulator tape
Be careful of the data you get. We bought turbulator tape for our Hornet, and received a sheet of sketches showing the turbulator position, but also enclosed was a table showing the measured ...
by 11jason11
Re: I am having my 1987 Ventus C surface being renewed but I sti...
I wouldn't know the difference either but I found some data too:
by jade
Re: SZD-59 or Salto H101 or B4 wanted ! Can anyone help making t...
Hi, I am also interested in purchasing a decent SZD 59 ACRO,but onla if it is in Europe. Any offers are welcome.Please attach photos and ussual data.B)
by chico
Re: Accurate Contest Scoring - Distance
Actually, what was used some days during WGC in Bayreuth was a Time Distance Task with a compulsory first turnpoint, not a complete task as a first **** of the TDT. The bonus for landing back at the ...
by morg_dog
Re: Trailer Availability
... a reply to the post you relate to. Also, to exchange email addresses or any other kind of private data, you will need to sign in and use our pm system. Most kinds of private data are blocked on the ...
by jade
Re: Bertea ml200 nav-com
Hi Jsca, welcome to the forum :) It is a far cry but there has already been someone at this forum requesting the same. Since that was 2 years ago that person probably won't read it this time though ...
by copper
NAVMAN and TeleType GPS
Hi, The note below is about GPS's used for soaring. I think it will be of interest to the gliding community, based on the many e-mails I have received from glider pilots on the subject. I've received ...
by 11jason11
Re: Trends in Sailplane design
If the eta is so great why is there no performance data on the website?? - maybe I missed it. there was no point in going for longer wingspan than currently. George Emsden
by Vhear
Re: Standard Austria - Can I?
Hello Larry, I have never flown a Cirrus so I can't compare the roll rate of the sh-1 to it. However, I can say that the roll rate of an Austria is about the same as a two place Grob. The stick ...
by vmessina
Re: Looking for good condition older sailplane for $15,000 or so. USA location....
... ood tip: Buyer should always ask for a gliders N number then research it on the FAA n number search data base for ownership authentication. Never send a deposit or do any financial transaction until ...
by Thermal King
Re: Libelle 301B needs new owner
Just a quick note: I now have a nice H 201B for sale in Southern California. Some photos can be found here: --SOLD--
by Dr. Jet
Re: Libelle for sale - Libelle1.jpg (0/2)
I have a nice H 201B for sale in Southern California. Photos here:
by Dr. Jet
Did You Go Over 18,000 feet?
I was in a boring meeting and this came to mind. If the FAA suspected you went above 18,000 feet without clearance, could they subpoena your logger data?
by Mathiasll
Colibri logger
Hi folks, About to buy a new data logger and the Colibri sounds pretty good (price/performance etc). Anyone out there with experience using a Colibri, and how does it compare to other loogers on the ...
by glider
Re: Does carbon fiber make an adequate ground plane?
Without test data on carbon fiber at UHF frequencies, I can only guess, but I suspect that the laminate is rather lossy at UHF and up. It may not make a nromal ground plane, but the antenna will ...
by Ticketbyru
Re: Handheld GPS
... sharing the strategy I use to upload waypoints to my vista. The same approach might be used for any database of coordinates. Now, if you really want a current data file of ...
by Freebird335
Re: Diluter Demand Oxygen Regulator - A14A
... ending on the exact model. I have a copy of the service handbook, system manual, and some technical data from the USAF if you need it. What specific information do ...
by kkrish
Re: Soaring web site retiring
... o everyone today. At the risk of offending some, are there any places that you *don't* want the the data to go? (You can e-mail me on that one. ;-) ) Let me add ...
by bhewton
Re: Prescription Serengetti Sunglasses Questions
... lab with a cumulative 'score'. It sure would have been nice to have a description of the different data points (ala Consumer ...
by trampamlm
Re: Fatality in Southern California ?
IDENTIFICATION Regis#: 131AS Make/Model: SZD4 Description: SZD-42-2 JANTAR 2B GLIDER Date: 09/21/2002 Time: 1900 Event Type: Accident Highest Injury: Fatal Mid Air: N Missing: N Damage: Destroyed ...
by Freebird335
Re: Looking for tow hook report
... zona Soaring Association home page: That will provide a description and 337 data. The research was initiated after the untimely death of a local tow ...
by glider
Re: Info needed on Wind Direction and Strength Computer???
With ground speed and track data from a GPS, if it is assumed that flight in consecutive circles (i.e. thermalling), one can use the movement of the centers of the circles to calculate wind drift ...
by Linay
IGCview: Task file format
I'm making various improvements to IGCview, including the support for Area turnpoints. Does anyone have a view on the format I should use to store the task in a file? Currently IGCview stores the ...
by 0-lee
Have 140 hours in power aircraft. Pre-solo glider student. Most flights in ...
Have 140 hours in power aircraft. Pre-solo glider student. Most flights in 2-33. When I had a few flights in a Grob 103, I felt it was so substantially different (and much more fun) that I think the ...
by Equuleus
Windows ME for Loggers?
Has anyone found a way to download the IGC log files from any of the data-loggers if they have a computer with the Windows ME operating system?
by Ticketbyru
Building a Local Turnpoint Database
... y it. As you mentioned, John Leibacher's site is very nice. He's always been very willing to create databases for me around my local airport, but ...
by DSOseeker
Paper gliders
we are working on a design project involving a glider made exclusively of paper (and glue) and has to carry a payload of around 15 grams( two chalkpieces). the performance parameter would be ...
by morg_dog
Re: 302 problem:Cant get FAT.
The Cambridge 302 Flight Recording system uses a unique way to recover data from its internal flash memory. It does not use the classic file allocation table. Thus, we have a 'Non-Fat' product. It is ...
by Freebird335
Cockpit oximetry
I have sourced a module based on the Nonin electronics which does not have a display but has a serial interface, this could be used in conjunction wih a program on an Ipaq, palm or similar device to ...
by mintern
Re: For contest watching
Well. The more I think about it, the cheaper it gets. All You need is a GPRS mobile, NMA 0183 from whatever GPS and the controller, which is realtively simple and can be either hardware or software ...
by caligula
Terra 720D radio problems-1 watt power
I have a Terra 720 D radio. When I hook a power meter up to it, it registered 1 to 1.2 watts with a reflected energy of .01 to 1.2 watts. This calculated out to SWR's of 1.2 to 2.6 at Frequencies of ...
by tbuk
Re: EW (model A) logger to Garmin cable details needed.
I think you will find that the original EW Barograph was just that and did not store GPS data. The Model C EW looked just like the earlier versions and could store GPS data. To confuse the situation ...
by StevieG
Grunau Baby
... give me some advice on a Grunau Baby speed to fly. I am also interested in Slingsby T31 performance data. I think with the right techniques and speed to fly information ...
by freeport3304

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