Booking club gliders
Does anyone know of any clubs in the UK apart from Cambridge that have a means of booking solo club gliders, rather than having to rely on flying lists or allocation systems (e.g. Booker)? Many ...
by Number138
Club class glider under 20000$ in canada or USA
Hi everyone I am looking for a club class glider under 20000$ in Canada or USA for a friend in my club If you have something make me know and i will transfer him your offer. Thanks for your Held . ...
by latulippe.antoine
Our Club is looking for a two seat glider, something like a ...
Our Club is looking for a two seat glider, something like a Twin Astir. Anybody got anything for sale?
by Guest
Re: Glider Sales for last 15 Years?
Hi, my Name is Nicolai. I`m come from germany. Sorry my English is terrible. I search a Scheibe SF34 or the other name Alliance 34 a new glider or from second hand for my Club. This is the best ...
by SCE60
Re: Does anyone know of an ASK-21 for sale?
How do I contact you? Do you have a club website? Bruce ca t send my email either
by Bruce
Re: DG 101G or ASW 19B
DG101 - World Club Class Champion -2001 ASW-19B - World Standard Class Champion -1978 Fly both, see which you like, best package for money.Forget DG300! Too much money for too little improvement in ...
by Freebird335
Twin Astir For Sale / Astir CS 77 for Sale
SOSA Gliding Club is selling a G103 Twin Astir and G102 CS 77 Asking $42,500 Cdn (about $32K US) C-GGLA S/N 3804 Approx 2310 hrs Basic Instruments - both seats in feet and kts ILEC SB-7 elec vario ...
by lilroff9000
Re: What glider if not a Speed Astir?
The ASW-19 would do as well as the Pegase, not quite as good a performance, but should be cheaper. The ASW-19 was the machine of choice for the U.K. team in the Junior Sport Class World Gliding ...
by Mathiasll
Re: WTB 1/25 JSW Final Glide Calculator
... iding has a stock of these things. He lives in Cromer, Norfolk. He has a notice on the board at our club, I will get it for you next time I am there, which will be an about a week, weather ...
by alexsch
Re: Woodstock Project For Sale
Thanks I found the plans and the builder work book . Now all I have to do is clear out the wood space and start. Which is alot harder than it sounds as the better half keeps dragging stuff home from ...
by Terry Kenney
Re: ASW 19 tail wheel
Our club has replaced the (whole) skid with a wheel. Easier to handle on ground.
by k.h.
Is the Speed Astir IIB a good as a first glider.
... e been gliding for about four years, and am looking at buying my own glider, rather than taking the club's Twin Astir on two hour jaunts. I was looking at a Speed Astir as the best glider I could ...
by Guest
Re: Looking for a sailplane that is registered in Canada. My budget is up to $2...
Hi Geoff, Seems as though a person cannot post a personal email here, so not sure how to get in touch with you. I should be easy enough to reach however if you go through the Winnipeg Gliding Club ...
by Mike
Gelcoat Crazing Treatment
I am in the process of refinishing a 30 year old fiberglass boat which has obvious gelcoat crazing. I have discovered a two-part polyurethane primer specifically designed to fill gelcoat cracks and ...
by Squirrel-Honest
Re: Pilatus B4 questions
Our club has a B4. I would not consider it a well matched ... pitch versus roll. I found it very pitch sensitive versus a very slow roll rate. If you're flying into a strong thermal...good luck Chuck!
by DSOseeker
Re: SG-1 sailplane prototype
I noticed that too. They said they've still got to allow for drag at the wing roots and so forth. Still, looks as if it could be quite a nice little glider. I don't know why no one has ever designed ...
by AdipexAdipex
Re: Glider Dolly
... ft that is meant to be used three at a time. One on each wheel of a Cessna, for example. One of our club members ...
by Grogs
Re: Grob Twin
our club owns a G103, the thing is great. its very smooth in the air and makes the most enjoyable ride ive ever had in a glider. we have had a few incidents with it, i think mostly b/c the pilots ...
Rotax 535 C Complete
... 35c rotax from a Janus CM Club want it to be a pure glider as the motor is not reall suited to our club. Any questions just ask. PS it's located in New Zealand, happy to help arrange shipping ...
by dlovell
Where can I learn how to use my Oudie IGC?
I bought an Oudie IGC from a member of my soaring club and printed the 170 page manual, but need help learning how to use this gem. Is there an Oudie IGC for Dummies book or video out there? Thanks.
by Treybergman
Re: Looking for a 2-33 in Canada
While the 2-33 is fine for training on, you may want to consider other models of gliders for your personal use. A Schweizer 1-26 is an easy to fly single seater and can be had for a reasonable sum. ...
by mike
Re: Any 15m wingspan schweizer sailplanes avail for sale,& pse s...
... ed. I loved flying the 1-35 back in the 80,s. Just got back into soaring. I fly an ASK-21 now in a club. My only concern is if my current weight of 235 would be a problem for the 1-35? If you could ...
by Chuck Maire
NAVMAN and TeleType GPS
Hi, The note below is about GPS's used for soaring. I think it will be of interest to the gliding community, based on the many e-mails I have received from glider pilots on the subject. I've received ...
by 11jason11
Re: Blanik L33 Solo
the 33 at my club had to be completely repainted because it was coming off in sheets. Blanik reimbursed 3k of our repainting costs. Agree with everything below re: handling. Would like to add that ...
by trading
Re: Alternatives for glider insurance?
A 1-36 was recently damaged in an outlanding back east. The repair estimate was $27,000, far in excess of the hull or insured value. 1. Don't under-insure your hull. 2. Schweizer parts are _really_ ...
by filrabat
Re: Standard Austria - Can I?
... 80 lbs. Will I fit comfortably in the Standard Austria glider? I am flying a Grob 102 at this time (club ship) and find it very roomy. I guess the Austria is a bit smaller in all dimensions. Please ...
by Alex Rossulek
Re: Looking for good condition older sailplane for $15,000 or so. USA location....
Good tip: Buyer should always ask for a gliders N number then research it on the FAA n number search data base for ownership authentication. Never send a deposit or do any financial transaction ...
by Thermal King
Glider transport to/from europe
Some people in our club wanted to transport their gliders to new zealand for our winter. Shipping the glider in its trailer was prohibitively expensive, so they decided to build a large trailer to ...
by chaos syndrome
Re: The Twilight Zone (soaring FBOs)
... nal poster said it was a soaring (as opposed to a much more common power-only) FBO (as opposed to a club) and in Texas (as opposed to elsewhere) I ...
by Ticketbyru
They have one at Andreas Gliding Club ( Suggest you contact Bob Fennell (CFI). Never flown one myself. Andy On Wed, 20 Feb 2002 20:56:21 +0000 (UTC), 'Michiel De Corte'
Re: Using Motor Gliders for Training
... lic airports. For many years, the necessity of a ground crew have been the « essence » of soaring clubs. As many ...
by ngc1981
Re: C172 as a towplane
In my previous club we used C172. This plane replaced a Gawron PZL 101 and the club is still very happy with the new towplane: climbs better (2-3m/s with an IS28B2) but consumes less fuel. Do we need ...
by bhewton
Re: Portable Audio Variometer?
Our club only has a 2-33... no audio.
by lilroff9000
Disconnecting ASW-20 BL Flaperons
Hi there! ASW-20 BL c/n 20952 of our club crahsed last summer and now we are inspecting it for repairs. One of the first things to do is remove flaperons. Loosing hinges by drill was quite simple, ...
by Linay
Re: The Sailplane and Glider (cross-posted to RAS)
... ding Magazine from the 1940's was on sale on ebay a while back and there was a detail report on our club in Canada. Needless to say I did not get ...
by danduc
Data Loggers COLIBRI and LX 20: which one?
Our Club need to buy a Logger and because being (always) short of cash now the question: What is the main difference between these models and is the price- difference justified? Greetings from Namibia
by Linda2
Re: 2-33 Religion
... members of Nevada Soaring Assn. recently saw a nice soaring day so he and his wife jumped into the club's 2-33 that is equipped with oxygen. Bingo.....Out and Return for 300k. Oh, a 1-26 and a ...
by souljay
Anyone has a ASK21 for sale?
Hey guys, Anyone who knows about a ASK21 for sale? We're looking for one for our club in the Netherlands. Best regards, kor
by kvessen
Re: Where can I find Standard Austria part?
For those Austria drivers out there, Bruce is leading the club class at the Canadian Nationals in Scarlet Lady - his fixed gear Austria - scores at ...
by dandywriter
What was the name of a single seat aerobatic glider that was built in Austria in 1959?
Hint Its production was moved into 1962 in Germany. This was commissioned by the Austrian Aero Club and designed by Rudiger Kunz.
by Marra M

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