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early gliders When thinking about the modern world with all its technology and achievements it can be amusing to see how the newspapers dealt with the expansion of the use of technology during WW II. This post is actually a article from popular science 1944 and the German’s attempts to operate bombs by gyro or radio.
Some time before Germany’s introduction of the gyro-controlled flying torpedo, the Nazis demonstrated another way of guiding crew-less missiles with their radio-controlled glider bombs. Intended for attacking vessels at sea, the glider was steered by a radio transmitter in a distant powered plane, until, if all went well, it crashed upon the deck of the enemy ship. When it repeatedly failed to do so, the experiment apparently was abandoned, for nothing more was heard of the weapon.
We know that it wasn’t the end of it, but fortunately the war was over and the gliders and radio controlled devices became part of the recreation’s activity as well. I wonder what the same writers would say about the gliders that we use today
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