SparrowHawk Sailplane
There is an excellent review of the SparrowHawk ultralight sailplane in the March issue of Kitplanes. This very pretty 155lb ultralight has a max L/D of 37 and a L/D of 23 at 80knots. The VNE is 123 ...
by David S
how much does a new sailplane cost
how much does a new sailplane cost
by Guest
looking for good condition older sailplane for $15,000 or so. USA location....
looking for good condition older sailplane for $15,000 or so. USA location. Good trailer.
by Guest
Estate Sale: Cobra 15m Trailer for 20m Sailplane Seattle, WA
... chnik GmbH 15m Cobra model Sailplane Trailer This trailer is being sold for an estate. The DG-1000 sailplane that was once stored/transported in this was unfortunately destroyed in an ...
by Traci S
Trends in Sailplane design
In my studies of various gliders I have noticed we seem to have a lot of what I call racing gliders being produced today. There really do not seem many alternatives in the market today. When I look ...
by caligula
early sailplane video
Around 1979 or 1980 I remember seeing a sailplane video that featured a white sailplane and a black sailplane chasing each other around the sky and doing hi speed passes. Among other things it also ...
by shumaker
Looking for a sailplane that is registered in Canada. My budget is up to $2...
Looking for a sailplane that is registered in Canada. My budget is up to $20,000. Please let me know if you know or have something in my price range. I am located in Alberta. Many thanks in advance ...
by Geoff
SG-1 sailplane prototype
Hi, We are developing a new lighter than normal 13.9m sailplane in New Zealand called SG-1. You can see something on the designwork and prototype at Our resouce scale is small ...
by irenetrevi
Flying Wing Sailplane
This is my second flying wing! I now have a monarch and having a ball
by pilotltw
FS: Full scale model sailplane
Full scale model of ASW-24 sailplane for sale in USA. Reproduction is perfect in every way. Wingspan of model is 15 meters. Would make impressive radio controlled sailplane. Ample room in cockpit ...
by Grumpster
The Sailplane and Glider (cross-posted to RAS)
If you have pre-1945 copies of this magazine that you might be prepared to sell, swap or donate, then please read on… The Sailplane and Glider, a forerunner of today's S&G, was published from 1930 ...
by Keit.Smiss
Pics,info on Grunau"baby"sailpl ane of the 1930's which appar...
Pics,info on Grunau"baby"sailplane of the 1930's which apparently only weighed 30kgs ?
by Guest
Has anyone here is the US purchased a used sailplane from Ca...
Has anyone here is the US purchased a used sailplane from Canada? If so, what is the process? Customs, tariffs, etc. What percentage will the customs man hit you for? Any legal roadblocks, traps, ...
by k4qs
bitten hard by the sailplane/self propelled world
what is the best method of locating quality used sailplanes, seem to have all top websites bookmarked. found many sites 4 rc type. my body is far to large to fit into. Love the DG line, i live in the ...
Re: Any Bede BD-5S sailplanes still flying around today?Any avai...
... ics. Speak to someone who specializes in that. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the definition of a sailplane as far as the FAA goes, only applies to certified aircraft. There is no definition of ...
by FlyBD5
Glider Sales for last 15 Years?
Does anyone keep records on sailplane sales? I have been curoius about the number of the various types of gliders sold in the last 15 years. Bill Snead
by cosmopolitan
Re: Worse glider ever...
The 1-36 was the result of piecing several already certified sailplanes together so that Schweizers would not have such an expensive time with the certification with a new sailplane. I remember my ...
by Jiggybo
Re: any 15m wingspan schweizer sailplanes avail for sale,& pse s...
Hey Rick, My email is <email> . That would be great to get some pictures of the sailplane. I can get to Orange County easily. I am located in Atlanta. Look forward to talking with you. ...
by Chuck Maire
Discus 2ct
I have been looking for a Discus 2CT but can not find one. How often would a sailplane like this come up for sale and how much would i be looking at to purchase one. Thanks
by mark
Re: New glider Schleicher ASW-28 15/18 meter
No. No two sailplanes are entirely the same. Talk to John Murray of Eastern Sailplane and he will give you the honest scoop. Sincerely, John Iacobucci ...
by TerrtUU
Re: Fauvel flying wings
I don't agree. You can't say that the Fauvels were not very successful. More than one hundred AV-36 or AV-361 have flown all over the world, it is probably much more than all the Marske flying wings ...
by Linda2
Re: JJ on Trailer Condensation
...i.e. 'TINSFOS', quoting Platypus, who's been saying that in Sailplane & Gliding for 20 years... with its corrolaries like 'little gliders have the advantage of being easy to derig, but that's ...
by morg_dog
Re: Ultralight Sailplanes
... ing for one of your products rather than attempting to veil it as a discussion of a generic type of sailplane. If your point is 'Don't condemn a homebuilt ...
by headhouse
Re: Our ASW19B is placard limited to a top pilot weight of 212 l...
Not an answer, another question. I am considering an ASW19 and am a bit bigger than 212 lb(219 actually) How does a sailplane get placarded below Manufacturers recommendation??? Thanx
by john
Re: Experimental Sailplanes
There is a sailplane called the sparrowhawk that is FAR 103 legal (Ultralight) but it looks light a high performance glider. Check out under (Special Links at this Website) "What our ...
by JB
Re: worst glider for instructors
... rritates me about the 2-33 is that it followed the 2-32 in the design series (The 2-32 is not a bad sailplane.) which suggests that the 2-33 is a bad glider by intent - designed with malice and ...
by Adominator
American Eaglet??
Greetings, I'm posting for a friend that is interested in the American Eaglet, self launched sailplane. Soaring's Sailplane Directory lists 26 in the US. Has anyone flown/owned an Am. Eaglet? For ...
by OscartheGrouch
Re: F/S ASK-13 (two place)
The sailplane barn is full, can't get any new stuff in there. JJ Sinclair
by BangmanX
27B and Ventus 2
Do both sailplanes have new horizontal stabilizer designs ? Is this the next big breakthrough? Which is trying to get the jump on the other sailplane? What is the rest of the story? Regards, RE Gaines
by Mathiasll
Gelcoat Crazing Treatment
I am in the process of refinishing a 30 year old fiberglass boat which has obvious gelcoat crazing. I have discovered a two-part polyurethane primer specifically designed to fill gelcoat cracks and ...
by Squirrel-Honest
Used two place glider prices
What is the médium price of a médium performance two place sailplane?
by Francisco Galvão
Fatality at PGC
There has been much written in these pages about the recent, tragic accident at the Philadelphia Glider Council. The consensus seems to be that the accident was caused by the tailplane not being ...
by StevieG
What might the approx purchase price be for a DG500 sailplan...
What might the approx purchase price be for a DG500 sailplane?
by Guest
Re: paper gliders
Cross post to rec.models.rc.soaring to get to the sailplane model builders...they'll be all over it. A
by dflaim
Hi Rick , Do you still have the 1-35 C for sale ? Please let me know the be...
Hi Rick , Do you still have the 1-35 C for sale ? Please let me know the best time to call you if the sailplane is still available . Thanks and Best Regards , Wiwin Anggono jakarta soaring Club
by Wiwin Anggono
pcflightsystems A/H
Has anyone used the pcflightsystems A/H in a sailplane? That's the one that uses a PDA as a display. Were there any problems?
by Number138
Re: Are pure mechanical Varios necessary
... ye on anyone behind me without needing to continually turn my head. Every time I get in a different sailplane I ...
by David S
Re: Intentional Gear-Up Landings
Would it be best to land gear up in a soft field if you were flying an older out of production sailplane with a known weak gear design? I think of retractable Austria and Phoebus sailplanes for ...
by luckydog
I am new to gliders I've never flown one but I am looking to buy one in the...
I am new to gliders and have never flown one but I am looking to buy one in the future I would prefer a 2 seated sailplane but I do not know which make is best value for money
by Guest
Re: new one
:laugh: it s not easy to find a soaring or sailplane forum! i m french i m sorry for our president we promise you we ll change it for a normal model!!!!!
by menfalling

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