Gliding sites in the US
Are there any gliding sites anywhere near Salt Lake City? Thanks, Guy Hall
by Jiggybo
Gliding in Texas - seeking info
Does anybody out there have any information about gliding in Texas? I may have a week or so in the Austin area next August, although I notice that the 'famous' sites such as Uvalde, Hobbs (NM) are ...
by Jiggybo
Euroglide 2002, a 2000 km gliding race
... ntil July 6th the Aeroclub Eindhoven (The Netherlands) is organising for the 6th time the EUROGLIDE gliding competition. In 13 days, teams from various European countries will fly a polygon of ...
by Bhah_Humbug
Gliding Newsletter Available NOW!
Our new gliding newsletter is now available mainly directed at the UK but also with articles from mainland Europe. If you would like a copy please send a blank email to with SUBCRIBE in the subject ...
by Linay
South Africa Gliding Camp feedback ?
I consider going 2 or 2 week flying in South Africa this winter (between november and january); If you have feedbacks about the following clubs (or others) please let me know : - ESC - European ...
by ngc1981
Do you use a gps when paragliding and hand-gliding? What kin...
Do you use a gps when paragliding and hand-gliding? What kind? I am thinking of buying one and want it to be the most suitable, of course.
by Guest
Re: What glider if not a Speed Astir?
The ASW-19 would do as well as the Pegase, not quite as good a performance, but should be cheaper. The ASW-19 was the machine of choice for the U.K. team in the Junior Sport Class World Gliding ...
by Mathiasll
Re: Does anyone know of an ASK-21 for sale?
Yes, we have one The BBC Gliding Group, after 22 years ownership, is selling its K21 G-CGBF. Only 2 owners from new in 1986, 4000 hours, 12000 launches app., very well maintained and equipped, with ...
by Roger Neal
Re: SparrowHawk Sailplane
And I fell for it. I distinctly remember reading an article in Popular Science (or one of it's clones) in 1974 and said 'that's for me'. I went out to the Sky Sports factory and bought a glider - ...
by pra1968
Twin Astir For Sale / Astir CS 77 for Sale
SOSA Gliding Club is selling a G103 Twin Astir and G102 CS 77 Asking $42,500 Cdn (about $32K US) C-GGLA S/N 3804 Approx 2310 hrs Basic Instruments - both seats in feet and kts ILEC SB-7 elec vario ...
by lilroff9000
Re: Using Motor Gliders for Training
... glider for trainer can be found on the Gliding and Motorglidng International web page at ...
by Vhear
Re: Pilatus B4 questions
... of them and I did quite a bit of time in them after Ka8s. They are 'pitchy' and even in my previous gliding life when I weighed a lot less, I found them difficult to keep in a spin although that ...
by Mammonther
Re: Hand held GPS Unit
For anyone who is interested in a Garmin 76csx, sometimes has refurbished units for around $210. I think this is a super deal. Refurbished units are not always available. But, I ...
by chrstphrm
Is the Speed Astir IIB a good as a first glider.
Hello, I've been gliding for about four years, and am looking at buying my own glider, rather than taking the club's Twin Astir on two hour jaunts. I was looking at a Speed Astir as the best ...
by Guest
Wave Video
... aded some of the raw footage after getting a few requests for it. Click gliding Then videos Then waveflight.wmv for media player 7 or for quicktime version ...
by Linda2
Re: Gelcoat Crazing Treatment
It has been clearly established that full depth gel-coat cracks can lead to problems in the resin-fibreglass matrix underneath. Gliding Federation of Australia Airworthiness Notice 69 issue 3 of June ...
by rohandsa
Re: Trends in Sailplane design
Hang on a minute. I am sure that the weather conditions in Ohio can not be worse than the UK for gliding and we still manage to do decent long cross country flights. Lift of more 6knots is quite rare ...
by scottb
They have one at Andreas Gliding Club ( Suggest you contact Bob Fennell (CFI). Never flown one myself. Andy On Wed, 20 Feb 2002 20:56:21 +0000 (UTC), 'Michiel De Corte'
Re: Standard Austria - Can I?
Thanks. As an indicator of SH-1 performance, Bruce Friesen in Edmonton, Canada, is current third in the Canadian OLC in his Austria! Here's a link to a 639 km flight of his, over 700 points, to ...
by dandywriter
Re: Looking for a sailplane that is registered in Canada. My budget is up to $2...
Hi Geoff, Seems as though a person cannot post a personal email here, so not sure how to get in touch with you. I should be easy enough to reach however if you go through the Winnipeg Gliding Club ...
by Mike
Which sport is the more expensive to do on a permanent basis...
Which sport is the more expensive to do on a permanent basis? Hand gliding or paragliding?
by Guest
US Soaring Team in South Africa - Day Report 17
US Soaring Team in South Africa - Day Report 17 The day dawned a bit chilly by South African standards (Ed: There is little sympathy from the frozen North). Early reports from on course have ...
by lilroff9000
The Twilight Zone (soaring FBOs)
Last Saturday during a business trip, I took a short break and visited a Texas glider FBO. There were two people behind the counter, one talking on the phone and the other working at a computer, both ...
by lilroff9000
Re: Wgc 2001 site
Several teams are doing an excellent reporting job. A few links I would like to recommend: Dutch team: (sorry, Dutch only but lots of photo's) German team: ...
by Squirrel-Honest
NAVMAN and TeleType GPS
Hi, The note below is about GPS's used for soaring. I think it will be of interest to the gliding community, based on the many e-mails I have received from glider pilots on the subject. I've received ...
by 11jason11
Where has cheap fun gone?
In our club house this morning was a note of ammended charges on the notice board. £230pa for trailer parking £210pa membership! add that to £200 CofA/maintenance and you have £640pa before you ...
by DSOseeker
I am in need of ASK-13 glider in good condition for a glidin...
I am in need of ASK-13 glider in good condition for a gliding club. David
by Guest
Re: Soaring TV Show Proposal On the Web
Good Afternoon, I have read through the responses and have looked through the presentation and although the complaintspoints about the presentation are valid, I think that they are irrelevant to the ...
by glider
Re: New to Soaring and Gliders
THE classic book on Gliding is 'Gliding' by Derek Piggott. Suggest you start with that. George Emsden
by Linda2
Garmin handheld to attach to iPaq?? Help deciding please!
Greetings! I am intending to get an iPaq 3950 with software for gliding and the recommendation is to use Garmin's mouse GPS-35-HVS. It accepts the 12v available in the glider and has the ...
by Linda2
Re: Grob Twin Astir question
Have a look at the B.G.A. web-site , go to 'Info for Clubs & Members', then to 'Technical', then to 'Datasheets', and see if the type you want is included. W.J. (Bill) Dean ...
by trampamlm
Re: How much would a 1974 Standard-Libelle H 201 B cost
Yep still for sale. Contact via classifieds on gliding new Zealand site.
by Treeman
Re: WTB 1/25 JSW Final Glide Calculator
writes Yes. JJ himself, though no longer gliding has a stock of these things. He lives in Cromer, Norfolk. He has a notice on the board at our club, I will get it for you next time I am there, which ...
by alexsch
Re: The Sailplane and Glider (cross-posted to RAS)
I also have a number of copies of pre-war 'Sailplane and Glider', 'Gliding' and 'Sailplane & Gliding' available. Having found a superb book binder, I have had all my old 'S and G's and small size ...
by bluedog30
Re: Does anyone know where I can do tandem paragliding in Irelan...
Check the Irish hang gliding and paragliding association's site:
by jade
Withdrawal of aviation insurance
I received notification today that as a result of the tragic events in New York on September 11th, the insurance underwriter that covers my syndicate's glider is withdrawing cover for strike, riots, ...
by mintern
Never used a gps before . just bought a 76csx new will be us...
never used a gps before . just bought a 76csx new will be using for para and hang gliding is there a fast way to get it set up?
by Guest
Hello You can come and fly on a nimbus 4DM in the French alp montain.If you are intersted please read this message and contact me.If you know some people interested by this please send then this ...
by 11jason11
Re: Used sailplanes
In his book 'Gliding Safety' Derek Piggot has a chapter that reviews many sailplanes. It describes the handling characteristics of the planes he reviews. One of the ships he reviews is the ASW 15. ...
by blueheart
Re: 2 Meter Radios
Not in my experience. When hang gliding on a non-XC flight I kept my radio on lowest power setting because anybody I wanted to talk to was within a few miles line of sight. On the days when we got to ...
by luckydog

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