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Funny airline stories by Gloria
A pilot for Turkey’s Anadolujet was fired after he allowed a 15-year-old to sit in his seat while the plane was flying from Ankara to Erzurum (and while the pilot went to the bathroom). The co-pilot had control of the aircraft, but the ...
Airline food no more! by Gloria
Max from the Thirty Thousand Feet Blog found this great idea for airplane food, the GoPicnic company- GoPicnic has introduced an entirely new kind of meal: one that combines great tasting high quality food featuring natural & organic ...
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I bought an Oudie IGC from a member of my soaring club and printed the 170 page manual, but need help learning how to use this gem. Is there an Oudie IGC for Dummies book or video out ...
by Treybergman - 4 days ago
Is there a Jantar Standard group out there? I am the proud new owner of an old (1978) Jantar Standard and looking for other Jantar owners to ask questions of.
by Treybergman - 4 days ago
I am looking for precise wing airfoil templates for DG-800S.
by Peter Poki - 1 week ago
Hi everyone, I am looking for just righthand main part wing section for DG-800S. I will be grateful for any information. +420 601 589 120
by Peter Poki - 1 week ago
Thank you for info. I am afraid that the costs for transport to the Europe are too high for such glider. But if you have a tip for G81, try to ask. I will ask for transport costs. Michael
by Michael - 1 week ago
Hi Pierre-Louis I am interested in your ASW20. Email me please at the address waldoo (at) http://o2.pl Thanks Waldemar
by Waldemar - 1 week ago
Where are the grease points on a B4? Not sure if they are easily accessible.
by Gary C - 2 weeks ago

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