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Funny airline stories by Gloria
A pilot for Turkey’s Anadolujet was fired after he allowed a 15-year-old to sit in his seat while the plane was flying from Ankara to Erzurum (and while the pilot went to the bathroom). The co-pilot had control of the aircraft, but the teenager did have access to the controls. In 1994 an Aeroflot plane crashed over Siberia when the pilot allowed his son to sit in a similar location and ...

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As aircraft get damaged and repaired, they get a little heavier. Not saying its the case here, but after a significant repair(such as after a wheel up landing) its necessary to reassess the ...
by jimmy - 1 day ago
...now.... Is there a Glasflugel 301 which could just be sold? Could be easy decision now at the end of the northern hemisphere's summer? ;) Gawlerbear
by Gawlerbear - 1 week ago
Where are you located? Not a Cirrus '75, but a G/81, which is I believe the same fuselage but with a conventional tailplane, rather than the all flying tail.
by RJ - 1 week ago
I would like to start using water in my ASW19. I have the bladders fitted but no other fittings. what do I need to fill the system? Any help would be appreciated and any photos. Thanks John
by John - 1 week ago
Agreed! The Hornet and the Mosquito are two of my favorite sailplanes!
by jeff - 2 weeks ago
Have you sold the 15 yet? What is the SN? I might be interested if foam core. Correct me if I'm wrong but that would be a SN above 15357??
by drjy2k - 2 weeks ago
Hi everyone, thanks for the advice. YES I did buy one (15-18m) and I absolutely love it. It climbs like a homesick angel and glides till the next day. The only drawback: without water at ...
by A very satisfied pilot - 3 weeks ago
Have you contact the guy of the Diamant
by latulippe.antoine - 3 weeks ago
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