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Funny airline stories by Gloria
A pilot for Turkey’s Anadolujet was fired after he allowed a 15-year-old to sit in his seat while the plane was flying from Ankara to Erzurum (and while the pilot went to the bathroom). The co-pilot had control of the aircraft, but the teenager did have access to the controls. In 1994 an Aeroflot plane crashed over Siberia when the pilot allowed his son to sit in a similar location and ...

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I bought glider in July. I have Rico variometer S/N VAS 3223. It needs some repair. I don't know if Redwood Instrument Company does repair. It would be nice to have some manual how to use ...
by Guest - 4 hours ago
I am searching for technical drawings for a Standard Jantar 41a aileron circuit. Access to connections in the wing require cutting holes in the wings. I would like to know precisely where ...
by Guest - 12 hours ago
Is an ASW 19B Glider Acrobatic, and by how much if it is or isn't.
by Guest - 22 hours ago
I think for this hours the best glider for you is the 20 because it is the easyer to fly
by latulippe.antoine - 3 days ago
speed rings, are they measured by the glass, the bezel or the mounting holes? Ive recently purchased sweet 016 , a 1-26 and it has a pair of great vaios but no STF rings. I am looking for ...
by Guest - 5 days ago
Did you get a copy of the manual? I can send a PDF of the model 3000 series manual. My father was RICO and I am picking it up.
by MN3350 - 6 days ago
did you sell the ASW-15?
by rodmac - 1 week ago
Very hard as I had it for 16 years and really liked it. DG400 is a great ship
by rodmac - 1 week ago
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